Package com.vividsolutions.jump.geom

Class Summary
AffineTransform An AffineTransform applies an affine transforms to a JTS Geometry.
AffineTransformation This class represents a affine transformation on the 2D Cartesian plane.
AffineTransformationBuilder Builds an AffineTransformation defined by three control points and their images under the transformation.
Angle Utility functions for working with angles.
CoordinateList A CoordinateList is a list of Coordinates.
CoordUtil Utility functions for working with Coordinates.
EnvelopeUtil Utility functions for Envelopes.
FeatureSegment A FeatureSegment is a line segment contained in an edge of a feature
GeometryFactoryUtil Some utility functions not present in the JTS version of this class
GeometryMicroscope Magnifies a given area of a set of Geometry's.
InteriorPointFinder Find a reasonable point at which to label a Geometry.
LineSegmentEnvelopeIntersector Optimized code for spatial predicates between LineSegments and Envelopes.
LineSegmentUtil Utility functions for LineSegments.
Matrix Implements some 2D matrix operations (in particular, solving systems of linear equations).
MaxPrecisionOverlayOp Increases the number of cases JTS overlay operations can handle without robustness errors by removing "excess" precision from the input geometries.
MicroscopePointAdjuster A MicroscopePointAdjuster takes some line segments and an envelope, and adjusts the points of the line segments within the envelope so that small differences are visible.
SingleSegmentExpander A heuristic used by Microscope to expand a single segment, while maintaining its orientation.

Exception Summary
NoninvertibleTransformationException Indicates that an AffineTransformation is non-invertible.
NotRepresentableException Indicates that a HCoordinate has been computed which is not representable on the Cartesian plane.