The DataSource API is the core API for input and output of data.


Interface Summary
Connection A channel of communication with a DataSource.

Class Summary
DataSource A file, database, web service, or other source of data.
DataSourceQuery A wrapper for a query string that attributes it with the DataSource to apply it against.
DelegatingCompressedFileHandler If the file is a .zip or .gz file, mangles the DriverProperties into the format expected by many of the first JUMPReaders, which take responsibility for doing the decompression.
ReaderWriterFileDataSource Adapts the old JUMP I/O API (Readers and Writers) to the new JUMP I/O API (DataSources).
StandardReaderWriterFileDataSource Contains DataSource classes for the standard JUMP Readers and Writers.

Package Description

The DataSource API is the core API for input and output of data. Supersedes the Reader/Writer API ( The DataSourceQueryChooser API (com.vividsolutions.jump.workbench.datasource) is used to supply GUIs for DataSources to use in the JUMP Workbench.

See Also:, com.vividsolutions.jump.workbench.datasource