Package com.vividsolutions.jump.workbench.plugin

The API for "plug-ins", which are code modules that can be assigned to buttons and menu items.


Interface Summary
Configuration The JUMPWorkbench searches the JARs in its lib/ext directory for Configurations.
EnableCheck A test for whether to enable or disable a menu, toolbar button, or other component.
PlugIn Plug-ins are code modules that can be easily added to or removed from JUMP Workbench.
ThreadedPlugIn A long-running PlugIn that keeps the GUI responsive (but only partially so, as a modal progress dialog will be in the way).

Class Summary
AbstractPlugIn Default implementation of PlugIn, with useful functions for auto-generating a name, converting a PlugIn into an ActionListener (for use with JButtons, for example), and supporting undo.
EnableCheckFactory Creates basic EnableChecks.
Extension The "entry point" into a JAR file containing PlugIns.
MacroPlugIn A sequence of plug-ins treated as one.
MultiEnableCheck A sequence of EnableChecks treated as one.
PlugInContext Passed to PlugIns to enable them to access the rest of the JUMP Workbench.
PlugInManager Manages plug-ins for BizzJUMP.
ThreadedBasePlugIn Convenience superclass for classes that want to extend BasePlugIn and implement ThreadedPlugIn.

Package com.vividsolutions.jump.workbench.plugin Description

The API for "plug-ins", which are code modules that can be assigned to buttons and menu items. The name "plug-in" is really a misnomer because even built-in buttons and menu items are plug-ins -- a better term would have been "action". Third parties may "plug-in" their own plug-ins by creating a jar file with an Extension class

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