"Bringing surveyors and GIS professionals together with open source technology."

Introduction To The SurveyOS Project

The Survey Open Source (SurveyOS) Project is a non-profit project of the Software Freedom Conservancy dedicated to fostering cooperation between land surveyors and GIS professionals. It serves as the main vehicle through which I release open source software being developed as part of my work at Redefined Horizons.

At the current time the code being release via the SurveyOS Project falls under five (5) categories:

  1. SurveyLISP:A set of AutoLISP libraries and commands adding support for GIS data (and other CAD functionality) to Autodesk and IntelliCAD products.
  2. OpenJUMP Plug-ins: A set of plug-in designed to improve the functionality of OpenJUMP.
  3. BizzJUMP: An experimental fork of OpenJUMP focusing on the needs of small businesses and government agencies in the United States. I try to push most of the improvements in BizzJUMP back to OpenJUMP.
  4. Geotools Modules: I try to build my plug-ins for OpenJUMP in such a way that I can “pull out” low-level functionality for the Geotools library. This has only been currently done for my GPX plug-in, but I hope to do it soon for my Survey PNEZD Point Reader Plug-In.
  5. JTS Warped: A library that provides complementary functionality to the Java Topology Suite, the geometry library used by OpenJUMP.

I also tinker with code that adds functionality/supports JTS, and have some code for mathematical operations/number crunching in Java. But not of this code is ready for the “real world” yet, and it hasn’t been released. It can be accessed from the SurveyOS source code repository.

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BizzJUMP 1.10.25 and a package of BizzJUMP plug-ins are now available from the files web page at the SurveyOS Project SourceForge site.

The programmer's documentation for JTS Warped is now available online via the SurveyOS Project web site. Use the link in the navigation menu on the left to access the documentation.

The first official release of JTS Warped Library has been made. JTS Warped is released under the GPL, and is available for download from the SurveyOS Project Download Page. The source code for this release of JTS Warped is stored on the SurveyOS Project SVN repository and can be viewed online.

The programmer's documentation for SurveyLISP is now available online via the SurveyOS Project web site. Use the link in the navigation menu on the left to access the documentation.

The PNEZD Point Reader plug-in has been released by Redefined Horizons via the SurveyOS Project. This plug-in allows you to import survey point data in PNEZD format into OpenJUMP. You can download the source code and the JAR file for the plug-in from the "Files" section of our SourceForge project page. You can also view the source code in our SurveyOS source code repository.

The SurveyOS website now has a new design. It is built using CSS and HXTML and features a "liquid" layout similar to the ones featured on the cssliquid.com website.

Support and Sponsors

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