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JTS Warped

What is JTS Warped?

JTS Warped is a small group of classes designed to complement the Java Topology Suite (JTS). The main feature of this first release of JTS Warped is the source code in the net.surveyos.sourceforge.jtswarped.angles package. This package contains code that adds basic angle and direction functionality to JTS. It would be useful for things like calculating view sheds, processing terrestrial/conventional surveying data, and creating parallel lines. The code in this package can be combined with the classes in net.surveyos.sourceforge.jtswarped.coordinategeometry package to allow JTS to be used as a fully-functional coordinate geometry package.

Source Code, JAR File Download, and Javadoc

The first official release of JTS Warped Library has been made. JTS Warped is released under the GPL, and is available for download from the SurveyOS Project Download Page. The source code for this release of JTS Warped is stored on the SurveyOS Project SVN repository and can be viewed online.

The programmer's documentation for JTS Warped is now available online via the SurveyOS Project web site. Use the link in the navigation menu on the left to access the documentation.

What is JTS Warped not?

JTS Warped is not a stand-alone or independent program. It is a collection of classes and interfaces that can be used by Java programmers to extend the functionality already offered by JTS.

What are the goals of JTS Warped?

The primary goal of JTS is to add the ability to work with angles and directions (brarings and azimuths) to JTS. A secondary goal of the library is to provide a home for other code related to JTS, but not included in the main JTS library. I hope to include things like CoordinateFilter implementations, SpatialIndex implementations, and code that allows construction/manipultation of spatial relationships in future releases of JTS Warped.

Why is it important?

There are no existing open source Java libraries that allow for the creation and manipulation of angles and directions, an important component of traditional surveying measurements, and the integration of angles and directions with traditional two-dimensional plane gometry. JTS is a great Java programming library for two-dimensional plane geometry, and JTS Warped will hopefully make it even better. It will also allow OpenJUMP/BizzJUMP to more easily work with angle and directions via user-developed plug-ins.

Contributions Welcome!

I welcome contributions to JTS Warped! Please post a message to the JTS Mailing List if you are interested.