"Bringing surveyors and GIS professionals together with open source technology."


What is SurveyLISP?

SurveyLISP is a collection of AutoLISP routines to enhance the CAD users ability to work with GIS and land surveying data. It also includes general purpose commands and functions developed in support of GIS and land surveying functionality that should be beneficial to most CAD users, even if they are not working with Survey or GIS data.

What is SurveyLISP not?

SurveyLISP is not a stand-alone or independent program. It is a collection of commands and functions written in AutoLISP that require an AutoCAD or an IntelliCAD program to run. It is not stable software. It is full of programming bugs and is quite likely to crash your CAD program or corrupt your CAD data. You should use it only if you are an experienced CAD user and have some basic knowledge of AutoLISP programming.

How can you use SurveyLISP?

SurveyLISP can be used in two (2) primary ways:

  1. It has commands that can be accessed from the command line or through the menu system of AutoCAD or IntelliCAD. These commands can be executed by the user to perform a function within a CAD drawing.
  2. It includes a set of library functions that can be used by other AutoLISP programmers in their own code. This makes additional AutoLISP commands for the CAD user easier to write and can also be used as examples when learning AutoLISP.

What are the goals of SurveyLISP?

The SurveyLISP project has a single primary goal:

Allow CAD users to employ a set of commands based on open source code to work with land surveying, geospatial (GIS), and cartographic data in a CAD program of their choice.

The SurveyLISP project has two (2) secondary goals. The first is the development and release of a modular programming library for other AutoLISP programmers. The second is the promotion of AutoLISP programming through the creation of training and education materials related to the language.

Why is it important?

Most existing tools for manipulation of geospatial and land surveying data in the CAD environment are closed source and expensive. The ability to customize the CAD environment using open source AutoLISP accomplishes the following:

  • Makes the drafting of land surveyors and other mapping professionals more efficient.
  • Allows land surveyors and other mapping professionals to work with a variety of data in their CAD environment without the need for expensive add-on software for their CAD program.
  • Promotes the sharing of technical knowledge and code among land surveyors and other mapping professionals.
  • Exposes land surveyors and other mapping professionals to the open source software development model.
  • Promotes the development of programming skills among land surveyors, a skill that will become more important for the profession with the passage of time.