SurveyLISP Programmer's Documentation

About The Programmer's Documentation For SurveyLISP

This is the programmerís documentation for SurveyLISP. SurveyLISP is a collection of AutoLISP routines that add functionality to Autodeskís AutoCAD and IntelliCAD programs. This is not the user documentation for SurveyLISP.

The SurveyLISP source code is separated into two (2) main components. The library functions are kept in one component, while the CAD commands are kept in a second component. This makes it easier for other AutoLISP programmerís to use the library functions in their own AutoLISP routines.

You can use the links on the left to learn about the functions kept in each library file and command file. Questions or comments about this programmerís documentation can be sent via e-mail to The source code for SurveyLISP, including all of the functions documented here, can be downloaded from the SurveyOS web site: