SurveyLISP Programmer's Documentation

SurveyLISP Libraries

The AutoLISP source code for SurveyLISP is grouped into two (2) main components. One of these components is a series of "programming libraries" that can be used to write AutoLISP commands and functions. Each of these libraries is stored in its own AutoLISP source code file. There are several libraries available. Each library is a group of functions on a common theme. (For example: Working with line entites.)

You will not find commands to be executed by the user in the library files for SurveyLISP. All of the commands are stored in separate AutoLISP source code files. Functions defined in SurveyLISP libraries may depend on other functions in the same library, or on functions in another SurveyLISP library. (These dependencies should be document in the source code of each library.) These functions will not depend on SurveyLISP commands.

The (hopefully) clear separation of AutoLISP functions and commands maintained in SurveyLISP as described above should make it easier for AutoLISP programmers to use SurveyLISP to write their own applications. It should be fairly easy to use the functions in the libraries without using any of the commands that are part of Survey LISP.

If you would like to contribute a function to a SurveyLISP library, or would like to donate a new library, please contact the Sunburned Surveyor using e-mail. Send your e-mail to